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  1. Im so sorry that this happened to you, Tina. I dont think you have so much blame in this case. My first year in high school I had social anxiety and problems, but I found friends that care for me and support me even if I vent to them too much. Sometimes Im more secretive about my problems and they are people who ask me how Im feeling and if Im fine. I do the same for them. This year one of my friends had mental break down and she even called me at night, because she felt bad. I never even for second though that she is toxic friend, because she always helps me too. My point is that real friendship is to care for your friend and to try to help them when they are suffering. You not feeling well is not reason to abondan you. Of course you maybe was venting too much and making them unconfortable, but they just had to tell you not to talk so much about problems and try to distract you with something like my friends do,not leave you. If you are first year in university I think you should look for friends that care for you and are there for you and of course if they had problem you should talk about their problems too not just yours. You can write me when you want to talk.

    Take gentle care of yourself

  2. Hi

    Im sorry that you are going through this :( . Im sure you wont act on your urges. Ive never heard of person with OCD to act on them. I can tell you that your mind is just playing tricks on you, because I suffer from OCD too. I suffered a lot when I was in highschool and I was scared that I will hurt my family so I know that OCD is awful. I was suicidal for many times, because of it. But you are not alone. Just take a deep breath and try to distract yourself with something. You can try to stay with your nephew and I know you will feel anxiety first, but later you will feel better. and Im sure that you wiil not act on these thoughts.

    Take care

  3. Im sorry to hear about your problems with depression and self harm. :( When I was in high school I had same problem with self harm too. My family didnt see my burns. I havent self harmed for more than 6 years but I understand how hard is to stop.  Maybe is good someone to see your hand if Its really so bad. I know its not great to deal with rude nurses, but your health is more important. If you dont want to go to the hospital can you tell to your family, even if they didnt see your hand,maybe you can tell them.

  4. Well its normal to feel nervous. Just take deep breath and try to rest when you start to feel scared. Or distract yourself with something that you like to do. About politics I think a lot people feel like you at the moment. I feel angry about it. We will se what will happen. Iunderstand you care about the world, just try to not to think so much about it.

  5. Hi :)

    I totally know how you feel. I suffer from ocd and depression and this is living Hell sometimes. Im from poor family too so I never had option to go to psychiatrist and take medication. I had moments when I feel numb too. But things can get better. Well there are days that may be awful, but you just have to keep fighting. I know its hard and painful battle and sometimes you just want pain to stop, but dont give up.

  6. Look I have tons of really dark body hair too on my legs. I think all girls have. They just remove it.I dont even shave my legs so much in winter, because I have too much other problems and working in lab makes me tired and I dont have time to think how I look. Well I never really cared so much how I look, but maybe its just me.So dont worry about it. If you have on your abdomen maybe you have hormonal disbalanse. I had some when I was a teneeger and doctor gave me pills and things became normal. And if somebody dont like how you look is their problem not yours.

    Take care

  7. Im tired. OCD is making me do everything over and over again. I know I have to distract myself with something, but even reading a book is hard, because I have to read the page right if I feel like I dont or something similar I have to start again :(

  8. Im sorry you are feeling so bad, but I can understand you. In high school I didnt have even one friend and kids were mean to me. I wanted to disappear so many times.

    Now Im in university and Im studing science. Science is hard, but even if you cant understand something at the moment doesnt mean that you will not understand it later or that you are stupid. You are not stupid. You cant always be the best student. There always will be someone better than you. But that doesnt matter. Try not to think about others. Focus only on yourself

    Now in university I have friends. Im not going to lie you I still feel bad and not good enough sometimes, but I feel that there are people who likes me just the way Im. Things can get better. :)

  9. My theacher isnt at work now. My brother said that she is ill so maybe I will go before Christmas.

    Thank you for support. I wasnt sure if my feelings are normal and I was thinking that maybe you will think Im stupid and pathetic, but you said that my feelings are normal

    I feel better and I think I wont be so scared to go when I have to

  10. Im sorry that you are suffering now. I understand problems with medical system, because in my county problems are same . Thats why I never went to see therapist even if I needed( and sometimes still need ). My father is like yours sometimes he is nice and later he is so angry and different.

    Its normal to feel disappointed that your parents didnt see everything that you accomplished and you didnt get prise that you deserved, but sometimes is not so important other people to see or understands. Its more important that you tried and gave everything you can. That makes you grow as a person.

    Im sorry that you feel lonely. Loneliness is painful feeling. I didnt have friends in high school and I was always alone. I know depression is awful and even I have friends now in university still want sometimes they to leave me, because I feel I dont deserve them.

    You may feel that things cant get better, but they can. :)

    You can always write to me if you want

    Take care

  11. I have to go to see my teacher in my high school and when I think about it I feel like I will have panic attack. I know I dont have to feel like this,because Im now in university,but when I remember all painful memories from school,I feel useless like before. I was so shy and kids like to bully someone who is different I guess and I always had great grades.That didnt help.

    So now I feel angry at myself ,because I cant get over it. I feel so ashamed and even feel guilty .

  12. Im sorry to hear that you feel so bad.I know how awful OCD can be.Sometimes Im scared that I may hurt somebody so I understand you.Im sure anxiety is horrible,but Try to distract yourself with something.

    Please take care of yourself.I hope that you will feel better soon.

  13. I remebered when I was so depressed and scared,because these OCD thoughts.I really was in danger and when I asked for help people around me,they didnt believe me.I know this was before years and I was kid,but I still feel angry somethimes.Is it normal to feel like this even now?I tried to understand their point of view and not to be angry,but I cant always make anger go away :(

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