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  1. You're right, what will be will be. Life's hard. I just realized that I'm not functioning well without medication. Not everybody will get the side effects. Most likely it's not gona be sorry about you. I believe, you have to believe that too.
  2. I was wondering how long one's lifetime can be then. Let's say that I'm gona live up to age of 90.. Presently I'm 20+ I've been talking medication for couple of years already. 70 years left. If I take medication for 70 years more.., could I possibly live up to 90.? Or..? The thought about taking medication for more than 70 years seems a bit unreal.. or maybe why should that be strange? Maybe it does nothing to the rest of our bodies. What do you think about this?
  3. medlem

    a mess

    Thanx IrmaJean! I just wonder, what keeps you all SO ballanced !? Is medication THAT good!!? What kind of miracle pills are you taking..? Could almost think that bipolar ones are the most normal ppl. REALLY ?
  4. medlem

    a mess

    Feeling restless for such a long time..!! Feeling restless and can't/don't want to do nothing at the same time. Or in the middle of this restlessness I suddenly feel for doing something but just as suddenly I lose interest of doing it or I don't finish the activity.. And I'm just confused. Don't know what to do. Feeling too busy at the same time. And then confused again. For almost a year I still haven't been able to explane to my "new" doctor what's going on with me because of allthis roller coaster. Nice, now I'm feeling dizzy after actually getting all of this written down. I haven't had
  5. medlem


    Wow, this is awesome! Very impressing!! I love the thought about limiting ones time of watching tv and sleeping to 23 and a half hours.!! so beautiful. But I got scared too at the same time.. :/ I think that going for a walk is my number 1 priority for tomorrow allready. I can't let be mentioning what a beautiful presentation they've made.. LOVE it! And the second video, awesome!! I have problem with my back and neck. The best advice of doctors is to train the muscles of back and neck which is very true. But when you're in pain the exercises of how to relax the muscles of hurting part is lik
  6. medlem

    Not Important

    Just show this to your doctor and you'll be kicked out from doctors office. I mean what problem do you have? If you had mental problem you couldn't write something like this. You're understanding, analyzing and thinking better than a person with no problems. So!? What are you doing here? This is no flatter, I mean it!
  7. Wow.. you actually made me smile I can't believe the cat's face look like that.. no, it doesn't.. However what a brilliant idea for a new brand..
  8. By the way I think my therapist is reading this!! Though it's impossible... I always think what if my therapist is checking out this website, maybe he knows who I am!? I met my therapist after writing all this. And he mentioned that he cares about his patients as a human beings That was a bit strange..
  9. How to deal with a Telemarketer Funny suicide prank call http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=plpp&v=-7OgWcwgB5
  10. I'm taking seroquel 300mg too. But I'll probably gona go off it. I love the effect at evenings and in general too! But the side effects are seriously bugging me. Like weight gain (10lbs in 3 weeks, but then it stopped), awful tiredness in first part of next day (feeling of high bloodpressure) and restless leggs syndrome ( this side effect is very rare). To others I want to say that this is good medicine of which you shouldn't be afraid. Makes you feel really nice. It's worth to try. Not everybody gets side effects. Since you have gotten side effects AP, I understand that you can't live like th
  11. I don't know what to add.. I'm very happy to have the therapist that I have. However I feel no affection to this person. If I had to change my doctor I'd definitelly feel very disturbed caz I like my doctor. I appreciate his technical way of thinking and his way of problem solving. Not everybody think like that. But I wouldn't use word "miss". Maybe because I live in Norway lol I didn't want to break in this thread like this. I thought I can help. But it turns out that we simply are in different situations Sorry and Good luck.!
  12. I'm sorry for what I wrote. There is no doubt that your therapist cared for you, Tsunami. And surely so does your new therapist! Take care and don't be sad. I mean that. This is such a caring community. I wish nobody suffered mentaly. I wish I could do something about it too.. I just expressed my point of view which is different from yours. Probobly because it's a different kind of storry over here in Scandinavia. People are cold over here and part of me is too. I'm not gona think about it whether my therapist cares or not. I'm not looking for anything like that either. It's enough that me a
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