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  1. riche


    I did try to such once the only thing I could find was a cheap one based off of your income and I live in the USA, NH.
  2. riche


    I do think that it would be benfical to see a professional. We just can't aford it.
  3. I woulod say he propbly is the bigest question is can he stop doing it, cuz if he can stop doing it and stay stoped then no.
  4. riche


    The counselor I saw said that I was ok to me but i have resently found out that they told my mom that I was borderline deprased. Other then that I'm pritty sure that I do not have any other mental problems. I do know why I have each of them though. They all have there own names first there was Annalise She came along cuz in high school I didn't know how to deal with my emotions. She is alittle bit older then me and spends most of her time hidding be hind a couch. Then there is Muffin she is a free flutting she came along shortly after high school. After that is lilly She is kind of an army bra
  5. riche


    ok so main problem I have is that I have 3 imaganry freands and I'm scared that they might turn into something more. I have figured out why they are there and I have talked to school conculers about it when I was younger. I do have a husband who lets me talk him about anything. I haven't realy told anyone ealse about it becuse the rest of my family has thire own issues that they are dealing with.
  6. riche


    So, I've never done this kinda thing. I know that I can't deal with my problems by myself though. I don't realy know what to do here so if some one can help just get me startted that would be good.
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