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  1. Hi Jane, nobody who is a professional would laught about this. Perhaps yu could get a referral from your regular DR. to a neurolgist. Just to be on the safe side, and have a sense of peace. When my ED was so bad, I actually had to have pictures of my brain done, because without even knowing it I was talking and not making any sense. All kinds of things can cause brain damage, so if your extremely concerned follow through with getting checked out. I am nearly your age, and my memory is terrible. I have to write everything down otherwise I'll forget. Everyone is different, but if your really con
  2. Thank you guys for your responses and positive feedback. I do not know if i actually said why we moved to a bigger centerally located city, it was for my autistic, intelectually delayed adult son. He is currently in a independant living program, through school, in CA severely disabled kids stay in school until age 22, he will be 21 in August, geez how time flies by! Their are no programs in the town we moved from or transportation, their are 3 in our new city. Throuhout the yrs as a single parent most of my real big choices has based upon my son. The father has not ever been the picture. But,
  3. Hi Jenna, I do remember you. My childhood was riddled with abuse and neglect. Bt the time I was barely 3 all my brothers were taken away and placed in foster care, then my foster mother was abusive, and it only got worse as I became older. They were a upper middle class family and highly religious. I never had the connection that I fit into this family ever. foster mother was terrible, starting running away at 13, wanting desparately a way out. At aroung age 9 I hoarded as many pills as I could and OD. it just made me vomit. then I swalled a huge amount of straight needles and pins. at a youn
  4. OMG, it has been forever since i've been here, glad I placed this on my favorite list, otherwise I may have not been able to have found it . I have seen some old members already, so that is cool you are all still around, and seeing that the community has gown is great. Last April, my son and I moved to a bigger city in California, i can't believe it has nearly been a year. My son has autism with intelectual delays, and is now 19 years old. I'ved raised him all alone as a single parent since the day he was born, the father could not decide what to do, so I made the choice to cut all ties, becau
  5. maybe it is a inner ear problem, however, the first thing that came to mind was dehydration. Glad he will be able to see a neuro, but 6 weeks is a long time to have to wait. I hope it is not anything too serious.
  6. my gosh, since not being on the fourm for a while because of moving and all the changes in the last few months I had not updated this topic. After moving my son began talking more about how my brother treated my son, he also began hurting himself, leaving large bruises on his arms and a huge on on his stomach, I asked him why he was doing this, his response was he wanted to remember how it felt like after his uncle Tim hurt him, a lot of things came out, and I did not even know how bad my son had been treated by my own brother, it was much worse then I knew, I believe my son began telling me a
  7. mscat


    Different things have been changing in my son and I lives, now coming back here I see many changes have occured. In fact I was not certain this was the right community , however recognized a few names. Which then I knew this was still here . In April, we moved, got out of a very rural , gang infested area, into a larger city that has everything we needed to live more comfortably. It also meets my adult son's needs, with his autism, and intelectual delays, he is in a Independant living program for disabled young adults ages 18-22. After that their are a few programs in this city he can to for
  8. hellooooooo?


    Anybody home?

  9. How are you feedling now ? Are youtaking care of those cuts? Their is one thing about self injury that i know too well, is that once you find out that SI actually helps you feel better even if it is only temporary a person tends to want to do it again in order to cope, feel better, or just feel something. Self inkkusry can be dangerous and even if unintended can cause severe harm to oneself, that I know personally , so please be careful and nice to yourself. I am glad you got rid of the blade and wend where their were others around, nobody i even have known who Si's has ever done it around oth
  10. Hi irmajean, I have not been back to this thread in a while and now see you are getting a new family member ! Congradulations It is important to keep her on the same food when you bring her home at least a month . Depending on what she is eating you may not have to change her diet. Their are a lot of super good premium kibbles out there . Some cannot be found at your local petsmart but some can, such as Blue Buffalo , or Wellness. These are quality foods. I feed mine Taste Of The Wild and they love it. I reccomend you to make a vet appointment soon after bringing her home, get her health che
  11. Hi there frazzled, welcome to the community. I have a son that has autism, however he is high functioning. He does not have Asperger's Syndrome because he had the language delay/loss when he was a toddler and he also has intellectual disabilites, he is a wonderful person wiht a huge heart. My son was diagnosed as being on the spectrum at age 4 , he is now 18 yers old. My son also gets upset over the smallest things , he has temper tantrums, and it does not matter if it is at home or in public. So it can be chalenging and embarassing. Can your son calm down after a few minutes? Or does it take
  12. Howdy Luna I certainly do remember you. It looks like thngs are going really well for you, that is wonderful. their are alot of folks on here that have been on here a while, I usually come here everyday and look , but not always respond. It is good your back, and things are going well for you.
  13. Bigger dogs can suffer from bloat , it has something to do with their intestines your suppose to make the dog lay down afer he eats a meal for at least 30 ,minutes , so not let him get excited . Yes Bloat can be deadly so you would want to research this carefully if you decide on getting a large dog. if I had more room i would get a third dog. I love em so much, to me a dog is so much better then a human friend, they love you unconditionally no matter what , and can make you so much better when your sad. Dogs have a keen sense about these things, when i was recovering from surgery my dog nev
  14. I have been here for a while , I always visit and look at the titles to threads, If i think I can offer some support or feedback I will respond. I agree that it is a good place to come and talk about things or share feedback from your own experiences. I do not start many threads anymore as I use to, but will if I needed to. So many people have come and gone here, thats what makes this community interesting. I know who are the old timers are , and it igreat they are still here. I will admit their are some threads I will not even read, but then their are that i absolutely can relate to.
  15. This is correct information, wait until your new dog is adjusted to his noew home and surroundings too. A dog gets a little stressed out during the transition, so it is best to try and keep things the same for a while. Their are so many super high premium foods out ther now days. Most are not goint ot be found at your local grocery store. Even the foods sold at the vet are not going to be the best kind, vets get a kickback from selling these products even though they are not quality such as Science Diet. A good food would be like taste of the wild, Wellness , Blue Buffalo . DEpending if on if
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