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  1. I made it! Friday is over as far as the workday goes.
  2. Thank God it’s Friday! OMG I just want it to be 5pm. Sometimes after work on Friday I let myself take a nap 😴
  3. Sunday night is here again, in the blink of an eye the weekend evaporates. Had lunch w a friend Saturday afternoon that was fun. Had beers late Saturday night while listening to music, that was fun too. Today I just ran errands, mostly to get food in the house. I also bought weed killer at Home Depot. Yeah, exciting stuff.
  4. I saw where Sir Michael Philip Jagger wrote a nice tribute to Prince Philip on his Facebook page, citing the Prince’s charitable work and support of athletics.
  5. Yes I saw that. Not sure what to say but I hope things go well for all involved and it’s an occasion for reflection and healing. What are your thoughts/plans Dave.
  6. Made it through another long hard week. Happy Friday & welcome to the weekend. Supposed to be a bit rainy but that’s fine w me. Keeps the world a little quieter.
  7. Long week. Not real bad but a little too busy for my liking. Glad it’s the weekend. Hope everyone has a blessed Easter 🐣
  8. Double chocolate cheesecake wow
  9. It’s another Friday! Boy that went fast. I hope everyone has a great day and an even greater weekend. remember you can choose to be happy and you don’t have to justify it to anyone. Someone could be like how can you be happy you’re not physically perfect enough. And you can tell him to go jump in a lake. So I can tell that you you can’t be happy you’re not in a great relationship. And you can tell them to buzz off. Someone could tell you you can’t be happy you don’t have a good job. And you could just ignore them.
  10. It’s late afternoon on Sunday. Allergies hit me hard this weekend. Slept a LOT. Spoke w some friends on the phone, that was fun. Also got to watch some live music performances on FB and there are a couple more scheduled for tonight so that’s good too. Got my stimulus check, got an IRS refund coming, and saved a wee-bit of money by just not going out during this pandemic so that is a nice thought. For whatever reason since I was a small boy I have always been philosophically minded, a seeker, wanting to understand what life is about. There have been times when I try to stop, try
  11. It’s Friday late afternoon and we made it to the weekend! It was a long hard week. Very busy. But I survived and I’m happy to have the break called the weekend. Although it’s not completely a break because there’s plenty that needs to be done. But at least I can do it at my own pace and time frame. All my best! 😊💚☘️
  12. @MelaniaTaylor I respectfully disagree. The American Lung Association asserts that marijuana has 4 times the tar of cigarettes and is very dangerous to the cardio-pulmonary system. Like alcohol, marijuana affects different people differently. Some people can indulge rather liberally and still function and maintain their career, health, and relationships. For others it’s devastating. I’ve seen it with my own eyes.
  13. You definitely post some deserts that I am not familiar with. But looks good.
  14. It’s Friday night. Made it through another work week. Busy busy but glad to have at least some of the weekend to relax.
  15. Happy Friday. And onto the weekend for those that have that schedule. And to those that don’t I hope it goes well and you enjoy it too.
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