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  1. I also like the expression “hot cooker”. Gonna use that. Dave puts that little stove through its paces 😄
  2. I never even heard of this desert but it looks delicious.
  3. @malign how are you? Are you still taking psychology classes or is that done? @Klingsor for my job I had occasion to make about 20 phone calls to your State and I am telling you every single person was very nice. As a side topic, what is so hard about being nice? When and why did that go out of style?
  4. Thanks @LaLa it is 1pm here and I feel fine but zero energy and I feel like I have a head cold or sinus headache and these symptoms are definitely vaccine side effects. But my mood is good 😌 so that’s the key thing. I am over the moon that I will soon be able to go out, have food, maybe a beer, hear some live music etc and just generally move on with life.
  5. Back from getting the second shot. I felt this one, the pinch, whereas the first one was barely noticeable. Interesting. Very tired, even more than usual. But so glad I got it over with. Everything went smoothly and that’s a blessing.
  6. You know how to live buddy! Enjoy 😊
  7. @Wayless The OP and others on here are from England and just wanted to pay their respects. Smh...😞
  8. @LaLa is this your first or second shot? Regardless, congrats, good news. I forget if I said or not but I get my 2nd this Friday (5/21/21) afternoon. So glad. I am a bit apprehensive, not about the shot, but that this whole thing is not over. There are various reports out there of vaccinated people still getting sick but at this point until proven otherwise I am going to be confident in it.
  9. @sara Hope you’re feeling better. Have you ever had these type of panic attacks before? What did you do then to resolve it? Is there anyway you could talk to somebody like a professional counselor? In the meantime remind yourself it’s just one day and everything passes with time. Give yourself a break and try to find something you enjoy, even if it’s just a little.
  10. Bangers & mash would be right up my alley. I love all the ingredients. I might be ok w some peas too. Enjoy!
  11. Surprised myself. Actually got a fair amount done all things considered. I mowed the lawn, went shopping. Did better then expected. And only one short half hour nap.
  12. Sunday morning here, having coffee, so far so good. Still not at full strength but can’t complain. Headed in the right direction. Thankfully there is not too much I have to do today.
  13. UPDATE: I took a 1 hour nap, had lunch, showered, did a light bit of exercise and...I am still tired and have no energy. Verdict: I am definitely having some side effects of the COVID vaccine. Meh, no biggie. Would love to be more active but it ain’t happening so I will just chill. Might even get another nap! 😴
  14. I was warned of side effects by a friend but so far I feel fine. The vaccine yesterday has not negatively impacted me as far as I can tell. I have a very slight headache but that’s from the three beers I had last night and also allergies here are crazy. So mostly good news there. It’s Saturday morning and I am just relaxing & enjoying coffee. Looking forward to an easy day and then a couple beers tonight. There are chores to be done but I will do what I can & not worry about it.
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