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  1. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.theguardian.com/music/2021/jan/21/glastonbury-2021-officially-cancelled-due-to-covid-pandemic 2021 Glastonbury Music Festival cancelled in UK ☹️
  2. That is a great idea Beth I should get back to walking some. Too often I tell myself there are other things that need to be done but that’s beside the point. Yes it has been a great winter so far weather-wise.
  3. Hi @Daveuk! Glad you still walk amongst the living and are enjoying your movies 😊
  4. I still suck at planning. Always something gets in my way. Either my own self tripping up or other people throwing up surprises. But I press on.
  5. Day off bored atm having coffee so thought I would babble a bit and update this. I have not had any beers this weekend, haven’t even felt like it. Throughout 2020 to I did drink beer, sometimes to excess sometimes not. Trying to cut back here in 2021. Been feeling tired and sluggish too often so that’s the motivation.
  6. @geronimo the problem is w/o the “get out of jail free” card it’s unlikely we would have any vaccine at all this soon. I am not defending the pharmaceutical industry, just stating the fact. Difficult situations rarely leave easy choices.
  7. Ok thanks. So about as close to mandatory as you can get w/o actually labeling it as such.
  8. @uptight outasight - do you believe that at some point the vaccine will be mandatory? Just curious of your opinion if you care to say.
  9. @geronimo sorry to hear that you are in a risk group. Hope things go really really well for all of us.
  10. Has anyone been vaccinated yet? From what I have read (from legit medical sources) there is a new strain, a variant, a mutation that is more transmissible than the original. I hope that’s wrong. I have a hunch this thing ain’t over. But then again I am wrong about a lot of things so maybe it’s good that I feel that way.
  11. Thanks Geronimo! Yes I get the same security message. Be well & stay safe.
  12. Hey everyone just wanted to say I’m going to take a break from the forum. The site is acting really weird and seems like a good time to go on furlough. Best regards and best wishes to everyone always ☀️
  13. I hear what you are saying there imgone. I wouldn’t put it quite in those terms but I would say talk is cheap. Anyone can say anything but backing it up is another story. I’ll add more later, have to get busy here. Anyone else’s “reactions” ❤️ Not working?
  14. Yep I get it. I know there are people that say positive thinking changed their life but it never worked for me and usually makes things worse. Objective, critical thinking works better for me. But hey whatever works for you go for it. Life‘s too short to quibble and understanding is the booby prize. The only thing I can’t take is when someone has no sense of humor about themselves. Those people I will show the door.
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