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  1. Christ people should just look at their own goddamn countries to see how stupid they are. Like Brazil for example.
  2. Women just reject the guy, and find someone else, so of course they don't worry.
  3. This is so full of shit, you are being judgmental, and shallow throughout this useless post.
  4. Yeah I feel like killing myself too op
  5. I want to see a hooker. But I'm scared of STDS. And the mike's post about HIV didn't make it any better. Just made me even more afraid.
  6. You mean finding a way to get rid of the one thing that has ruined my life? Yes I'd be happy.
  7. Who gives a shit about this? It's a fucking lesbian, of course other lesbians don't have a issue.
  8. Well women are a bunch of whores. They aren't really happy with anything.
  9. dvnJ22

    Block members

    How can I block certain people here? I do not mean pms, but regular posts they make?
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