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  1. Rian, it is very painful being stuck in a place of circling thoughts. Do you have anyone you can talk to? Sometimes observing nature can bring relief from thoughts. Learning meditation can help. Exercise and yoga can shift where you are in the brain. Drawing and painting can too. At some point as we grow we need to learn to be a friend to ourselves, but it can be difficult at first to achieve. We are here and listening.
  2. Wishing you well in 2017, Ralph!
  3. finding my way


    Happy New Year dear Blossomy
  4. finding my way


    I have no idea how to adjust to our new president. No clue. I guess it is the era of the billionaire. They have rights too? It's their turn? A billionaire in charge of Education is.... rich. OK, moving on! Best wishes to all for 2017. So glad we know each other
  5. It sounds like some part of you really wants to be heard. Therapy can really help. You are welcome to express more here.
  6. finding my way


    Isn't that the gosh darn truth?!?!?!?! I can never keep up. But it does feel good to accomplish the things that I can. So glad you are getting help, JaiJai.
  7. finding my way


    Is it new behavior on RT's part? If so, it could be depression. I totally relate to home moanership! Our windows are coming apart. We are trying the plastic sheeting method for this winter, but so far it doesn't last. Will try stronger tape. But then, I used the outdoor option so maybe that was the mistake. You can put the plastic up on the inside. I didn't want cats clawing at it. Don't know if this article is helpful http://everydayroots.com/how-to-get-rid-of-mice
  8. Just checking, did you get your blog going again, Mary? Thinking of you today!
  9. Luna I'm sorry I didn't see this post! I am in the habit of only looking at blogs since the site changed formats. I will send you a pm!
  10. finding my way


    And we can hear you about feeling angry and disappointed with his response, too. We feel what we feel. Not asking you not feel to that. Close relationships can bring up all kinds of stuff from the past and then it becomes a sorting project, a heal the old stuff in the closet project. Love and time can get it done.
  11. finding my way


    It sounds like R is in a lot of pain and does not know what to do with that. Is there any way to get a little therapy for him or for both of you? Humans are not always equipped to deal with this kind of difficulty I have a friend that puts Osage Oranges out to deter mice. Do those trees grow in your area? Don't know if it works. I bought some of that spay foam insulation and was able to plug the hole where they were getting in in my kitchen. Took a while to find!
  12. finding my way


    Difficult times bring out.... our difficult thoughts. I hope you don't curse me, but it can be an opportunity to heal some old stuff. We carry around old wounds that never got a chance to reach what would heal them. I've been learning to journal my self talk, my blurts. I got the training from the book that deals with artist's block, The Artist's Way. It is a game changer, and it doesn't have to be in preparation to do art. You went through some pretty tough stuff. Wishing you healing and peace, Jai, for then and for now
  13. finding my way


    Don't underestimate the power of hormones to mess with your thinking. Your body could really be struggling to rebalance in that way.
  14. finding my way


    Do you enjoy photography, Jai? Taking pictures in nature can be soothing. ((((( Jai )))))
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