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Found 6 results

  1. I am new to the sight but new was diagnosed early on (4) with severe adhd and conduct disorder, odd etc. Recently I have been learning more about spectrums of different disorders and I am certain I have ASPD but I obviously can't discuss this openly due to where my life is at and it would out me as faking all my relationships currently, anyway. I was on facebook and they have a group their but it doesnt look like an ASPD group it looks like a bunch of goths trying to show off to one another and I am not stupid, I understand my actions are observed and others wouldnt understand. I am hoping there is a group or several in here that I can connect with like minded people to learn more about us without the fear of destroying our facades we have worked so hard to build and maintain.
  2. I'm Cheldon (Yes that's my real name. My mom gave it to me for my birthday) I came here because I don't get a lot of emotional and mental support at home. My family loves me, they just don't really know how to be supportive of me despite my illnesses. I have Bipolar Disorder Type 2, Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD), and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) I need support from people who understand what it's like and know where I'm coming from. I also have a blog called Abnormal Grey Matter. Hopefully, we can all learn from and support eachother.
  3. Everyone should listen and be aware of it... http://www.cbc.ca/radio/outintheopen/invisible-illness-1.4019095
  4. Hey, everyone. My real name is Mike but online I prefer the pseudonym "Adam Jensen." I just joined this site. I'm Canadian, Caucasian, male, eighteen, heterosexual and agnostic. I have ADHD, a learning disability, social and generalized anxiety and depression. I also have an IQ of ninety-five and my MBTI type is INFP. Ever since I was in my preteens I have wondered what the purpose of life was. I never found a satisfactory answer though. But now more than ever I feel as if I have no purpose. I can't get a Ph.D in one of the subjects that I like. Which are Psychology, Sociology and Biology. I lack the capability to understand the intricate, abstract concepts. I’ve also never had a significant other before. I don't know if it's because I'm socially inept, introverted, boring, unattractive or all of the above. Anyway, I feel as if I'll be alone forever. Lastly, I just feel like my life is devoid of meaning and happiness is unattainable.
  5. (I NEED YOUR HELP,LITTLE LONG BUT READ THE WHOLE THING, it's intriguing) My life is miserable. I am diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, and mood disorder when I was 14, Now I'm 15. I have every single last symptom. My parents (foreigners) refuse to believe it's real due to how they to deal with kids back in Africa, since they're cheapskates because we do not qualify for any type of goverment assistance and only pay for the medication so they won't get blamed for negligence in case for the police comes to our house and ask if I'm taking medication when for another domestic dispute between me and my mother. My mom and ARGUE at least twice a day EVERYDAY literally. She treats me bad, and I naturally verbally retaliate. She is widely known to have anger management issues with us, people at work, at church, and at my school teachers and she refuses to admit it. In her mind. she's right and you're wrong She and my father has been violently disciplining me, since I was little not knowing that I had ADHD, despite getting in trouble for talking at school, numerous complaints by almost every teacher in every grade about wandering around, almost never being on task, and low grades. Finally, my mom had enough and vented out to the doctor. The doctor suggested I may have ADHD. And suggested to us a pyschiatrist who was her friend to see her as soon a possible and told me that it may vastly improve my live. My mom brushed it off. After 2 months, I had enough, after she once again for the 3rd time cancelled our meeting to pyschiatrist, because she wanted to go to the mall with her friend. We went to pyschiatrist's office where she unexpectedly cancelled the visit.. I had enough and confronted her about this on our way back home. I wanted help, I wanted to change and stop arguing everyday. She was ashamed about the possibility of having a kid with a mental illness. We started to argue intensely on our way back home then she stopped the car in the middle of the road and yelled at me to get out. I refused because we were a mile and a half away from home. She got out the front seat, opened the back door and yanked me out. I argued and argued. She grabbed a stick and threw it at me. I ran away and dodged it. I ran back to the car but I was too far away as she started to drive a way. I was so mad, I grabbed my shoe and threw it her bumper. I walked home, and about 20 minutes after being home alone. My mom called the police and said she was tired of me and I need to go somewhere else. We explained to the police what happened and he asked if I wanted to leave and handcuffed me just for safety. Where I was taken to a pyschiatric emergency room. Later called my Mom and they questioned. I was giving a blanket and some food while she was in the other room getting questioned. After a few hours, next thing I know. I'm being taken in a van to a mental hospital. I stay there for 2 weeks, I was loaded on Seroquel and Depakote. Had an allegric reaction, with in which my tongue felt like it was 20 pounds. I met some people with mental illnesses, my life was a schedule. My relationship with my mother temporarily mended during visitation hour. I later find out, That my mother stated that in the car incident that I tried to kill her.. I was so confused, I told them all I did was throw a shoe at her bumper as she drove away. And in fact that she that she was more violent and struck me with a her fist multiple times to my back and she threw a stick at me. The next day, I'm released. My Mom requested to take me out after being asked if it was true and told about my allergic reaction. The next day, My mom took the ADHD evaluation test for me, and I had all the symptoms. The doctor criticized my mom for barely seeing a doctor about this when it was going on my whole life. I was taking Vyvanse Seroquel and Depakote, and I was a miracle, I was more happy, focused and I had mostly A's and B's. Our mended relationship was temporary as it lasted a month, and we started arguing everyday again. She decided to leave pyschiatrist as when it was almost time for a refill. When the medication was finished, she told me she quit and that she didn't want to waste her money on nothing. After 5 months without meds. My grades had slipped and I was getting in trouble in school again. My Dad had decided to do my mental health, it was summer, and I had barely passed because my semester grades averaged out. We had a new pyschiatrist during that time my parents threatened to take me back to the mental hospital at least 50 times. I took adderall xr and intuniv for a 1 month but my Dad said I was arguing with my mom and I had trouble sleeping. Then I was switched to Vyvanse, with Intinituv and ABILIFY. The doctor suggested family therapy but my mom REFUSED Here we are today. My mom and I had arguement, she hit me with a chair and a pan. I suffered no injuries=no proof. But then accidently broke her door to get my phone back. She's going to call the hospital later. What do I do..?
  6. I get kinda nervous and weird around people in my college but I cant find a reason of why I put myself in that mood ... I need some advices because I´m not enjoying life at all ... I just wanna be chill and enjoy life ... but sometimes I just get stress really fast and easy that makes me feel insecure, with fear and anxiety and I think that I need advices for that problem. I have 17 years old .
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