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What Size Penis Would You Like?

51 Years of Misery

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If You could Choose What Size Penis Would You Have?

I don't subscribe to the Bigger The Better school, I don't want a Monster dick I don't want to be the Biggest Guy going, I don't want to be a Freak Dick, I just want to be Handsome and I want a Handsome Dick, a Dick that looks good in its flaccid state and looks very good in its erect state.

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Don't mean to hijack the thread but I'd like to reword the question. If you had 3 extra inches to add to your current size how would you distribute it?

Current New

Length 4.5 5.5

Girth 4.5 6.5

Yeah I prefer Girth to length. I'd particularly add more size to the base of the shaft since the first few inches of a vagina are most sensitive. Mushroom heads are fun for oral though and might stimulate the g-spot better? Idk.

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Penis size is all about ego. it has nothing to do with sex. Guys with bigger penises thinks it makes them superior in all ways.

Believ me that isn't TRUE! SIZE MATTERS!

As someone who suffers from Peyronies Disease, whose penis shrunk from a already miserly 6 inches to probably about 3 inches now, the difference is ENORMOUS. SIZE MATTERS! MATTERS! MATTERS! I CAN'T HAV SEX! When I tried, I couldn't put myself in, she had to put me in like a teenager, when she did put me in I wasn't actually sure I was in or not, and I didn't dare move in case it came out.I couldn't thrust, go back and forth, in the end I jig around, ground around, swirled my Dick around, no thrusting, she had two orgasms, she claimed. afterwards I thought, God I feel sorry for Men with small Dicks, now I am one of them! Surgery is no good, I won't get my length and girth back, surgery is only for straightening a bent Dick. If I didn't hav enough problems in my Life now I hav got this impossible one, if my life wasn't hard enough before, now it is a ridiculous waste of time.

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