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I had a car accident yesterday and i hate myself


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Last night i had a car accident, so now i have a huge car repair bill and increased insurance premiums. And i'm being laid off from work; my position has been eliminated.

I hate myself for my terrible driving. My suicide attempt, in fact, occurred after my first accident when i was 18. I've tried for decades to be a better driver, but i still have accidents. When i'm employed, i don't have time for a driving course and now, when i'm laid off, i'll have the time but money will be too tight to pay for it.

I want so much to be a better person. But here i am, a lifelong failure.

Feeling very low today.

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I'm sorry this happened. :( I'm sorry you're feeling low and being hard on yourself. :( I hope you weren't injured. I still can't park very well or even attempt to parallel park, I can't drive over bridges or in the city or I have a panic attack.

I don't know if it helps much, but I really enjoy your posts. You are insightful and positive. Thank you for your contributions here.

What might you tell a friend who was feeling as you are now? Sometimes we are truly the hardest on ourselves.

Take care.

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