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A mistake and worries


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I'm so ashamed of saying this, but about a year ago I joined the American Communist Party, I did this because I wasn't well, I was having weird associations and complications due to Schizoaffective disorder. I got a letter in the mail from them today, inviting me to a banquet, even though I clearly told them not to send me any snail mail, and I think I previously told them to cancel my membership months ago. I just sent them an email asking (again) to cancel my membership and any mail to me. I tried logging in to the website, but it wouldn't work, probably because I got rid of my old email address which I used for the Communist Party USA account.

I'm just so worried, that the Communist Party USA has my home address and that they're going to take revenge on me, or that the government is spying on me and coming to get me...

Please don't think of me negatively because I previously joined the Communist Party, I just need help with this....

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Biollante, do you think that the difficulty you struggle with could be about your pattern of worry/anxiety and not what you actually feel worried about? Maybe it might help to work with your therapist about how to cope with obsessive and intrusive thoughts? Do you discuss these fears with your therapist?

Wishing you serenity.

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