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Is There Something Wrong? [TRIGGER]


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Hi so yesterday afternoon I cut on my upper arm and afterwards I washed it off and put a bandaid on it since I couldn't find any neosporin (is that how you spell it?). I forgot about it and I remembered tonight. I took the bandaid off and it was kinda like red and a little black? So I washed it off and then I saw that it was bleeding again. So I dried it off and (still unable to find a neosporin) wrapped it up in this like sticky-gaw-like-thing.

TL;DR: I cut yesterday and today it's still bleeding some. Have any of you ever had cuts bleed that long? Should I be worried?

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Hello, Shyhedgie, welcome!

I'm sorry you're having these problems... :(

I've never self-injured, so I'm not exactly the person you're looking for. I remember one member of this forum had a very similar problem after cutting her arm - too much bleeding, not knowing what to do, ... She wrote about it on her private blog here, so I won't go into details, but in any case they wouldn't even be helpful. I would "refer you to her", but she hasn't been active (or even logged in) here for quite a long time, so... all I can do is to offer you my own "perspective". (I have some experience with non-self-inflicted injury, though. I didn't consider it serious but my husband forced me to see a doctor and she considered it very appropriate and I'm sure without her intervention, the wound would cause problems.)

I think there is a reason to be worried and to seek medical help. Mainly, a wound needs to be properly disinfected. Doctors have other types of disinfectants, more "powerful", than those you can buy (at least in the country I'm from), so for a particularly deep cut, medical assistance would be a better option. However, there's more than just the primary infection: It seems the tissue is so damaged that it cannot heal quickly enough, so it remains open for infections and the eventual scar would be much worse without proper treatment.

I imagine you fear going to the ER because you fear being judged by the staff there. But they are (or: should be) familiar with self-injury and their main aim is to help you with the injury, not to "abuse you for having done it". However, it would be great, I think, if they also offered you some recommendations for psychological help...

Would you mind sharing with us more about the reasons you cut yourself? Do you perceive it as a problem or you're still concerned only about the physical consequences?

Take care and good luck with finding medical help!

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