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guys, I just fuck a very sexy woman

but the curious thing comes now

It was the first time I left her

went to a motel (do not know how things are in the US, but here there are motels especially for sex), to and reaching it, it was very tasty and already decided to talk about face, my dick is not big, and to my amazement she said "thank goodness, I prefer smaller penis." I was shocked and asked why, she told me that big penis causing pain to her and she prefers minors who only delights

yet it happened that basic anxiety, but this woman was very hooooot and soon my penis was like a rock hard, fucked wildly, and now comes the greatest detail, she climbed on top of me, groaned a lot and cuuuuuuuum

I came three times because it was too hot, is that typical Brazilian mestizo

with a huge, beautiful ass

then to summarize

a hot, note 10/10 came with my ridiculous 5.5 inches penis while only felt pain with a large penis


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Not really a very attractive escort where I live is only 150 - 200 dollars per hour of course a prostitute is lower but you have risks etc plus im a good saver of money more so when you're without a gf, wife or kids and have social anxiety I looked at the escort page In my area today it seems guys with my size have to pay for it

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I hate holidays they remind me how alone I truly am no freinds either im socially awkward its hard for me to even look in a persons eyes. hope you guys are doing well. Ive given up on the thought of a lasting relationship with a woman. Being born with a small penis puts many strikes against you in society I often wonder sometimes do most of the serial killers who target just women have small penises?

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Do what you think is best for you robert. What good is life if you can't enjoy a few things? Would you rather give your money to a prostitute or a psychiatrist?

Yeah I hate the holidays too other than enjoying having a day off. Just trying to buy a gallon of milk and there's a line around the block. I felt bad a little bit today but then it occurred to me that I would rather be alone then be w a person or people that are not good for me. Talking about miserable passive aggressive put down artists that act like they know something about life while all they succeed at is wasting my time. That's pretty much the story of my holidays w family growing up.

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