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I was just walking outside today when this woman passes me and she starts snickering and laughing quietly to herself, probably laughing at my orange coat that I was wearing. Then she stops because her dog was sniffing some grass, and I was coming near her, I wasn't going to try to do anything, it was just the direction I was going. Then she kept saying to her dog, "lets go!" more and more and then she started walking away from me rapidly. I hope she doesn't report me as a threat and I hope I don't get into any sort of trouble...

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She probably didn't hardly notice you, B123;

if somebody had asked her what color coat your wore, or even your gender,

she probably couldn't've told them.

She hustled away because she thought the dog was wasting her time; that's why she said, "let's go."

She wasn't afraid of you, B123. There's nothing for you to worry about, or beat your self up about.

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