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Pre-op trans man with questions


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So I'm 16, and I know it's kind of gross to think a 16 year old could have such a high sex drive as I do but I'm really scared. For a number of reasons, and I have some questions.

What size penis can I get using a method that creates the most realistic penis for a trans operarion?

What is the best method of operarion if I want to be able to feel my penis and penetrate partners?

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Welcome to the community, SpottedNewts. I hope you are able to view your sexuality without any judgment. I don't know the answer to your questions, unfortunately. Are you able to talk with your family about your feelings? Maybe ask a physician any questions you might have? Do you also have other interests? How is school going? Friendships?

Take care.

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You definitely need to see a surgeon who specializes in transgender operations - I know there are a LOT of different surgery methods for constructing a penis, some which use your own tissue primarily and others which involve a pump/inflation device (strange, I know). If you want as close to a fully functioning penis as possible, you'll definitely need to discuss that with a surgeon as I doubt any of us in here are really qualified to give you concrete information. Best of luck in your transition! 

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