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New member here. A lifetime of issues, just hanging out and getting the feel of the site and others here. Hard to come up with a first post so questions are good. Looking for direction. Cordially.

Hello and welcome! You will find many issues here so you are not alone. Have you tried therapy, and if so, what has helped? How about meds, what works for you?

Lastly, what is NOT working that brings you here? ;)

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Life isn't working for me.

Anxiety/Panic since age 7, depression on/of until mid twenties when everything came crashing down.

No therapy. Tried years ago when problems became emergent, nothing seemed to "fit". Affordability became an issue, as it remains so today. I began seeing my GP again in my mid 40's, who put me on Zoloft, as well as Xanax. Seemed to help the crippling symptoms, but the crippling underlying problems have remained.

^ the tip of the iceberg ^

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