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I am ending this year as a 20 year old female whose depression has worsened since high school, and whose year has been absolute shit.

Reasons why 2015 has been the worst year of my life so far:

  • Monty Oum, someone I looked up to very much, died at the beginning of the year.
  • I suffered my first severe panic attack shortly after his death
  • My depression began to worsen
  • I had to start therapy
  • I discovered that a good friend was actually a toxic friend
  • I only got to come home for one month due to summer school
  • I had several more panic attacks over the summer
  • I lost my financial aid
  • My boyfriend of four years broke up with me
  • I have been disqualified from the school I was studying in before I could switch
  • I may end up being disowned by my parents for being kicked out of school
  • I very much want to kill myself because I would rather die than be a disappointment

This year has not been kind to me at all, and it's almost like high school is repeating all over again. My therapist from school said I might have PTSD, so along with my depression, it's just a whole crock of shit.

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