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Another youtube video - Is this normal female behaviour?

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Think of the amount of social change and progress that took place in the twentieth century. Two world wars were fought. Fascism and communism rose and fell. Women were given the vote. Countries around the world gained independence from colonial powers. Racial and sexual minorities fought for their rights, and won. Feminism brought women - at least in the West - to an equal status with men. Now, in the 21st century, everything that men can do, women can do too.

Inevitably, this means that with feminism allowing women to do everything that men can, they lose something of their femininity by trying to act like men and in some cases, act more like men than men themselves. Would this have been normal, before feminism, before all the progressive social change of the last century?

Behold the alcoholic animals:

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If you think alcoholism and aggression in women is a new phenomenon, you're not familiar with flappers from the 1920's, are you? 

Beyond that, the 1950's had Teddy Girls (or Judies) who dressed in Victorian inspired "dandy" clothing and swaggered around like men. 

The punk movement had plenty of loud, raucous, and violent women. 


But I have a serious question - WHO decided what was feminine or not? I'll give you a hint - it wasn't us gals. 

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