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Penis size is all about how you measure it! Do it right way and you'll feel better,,,


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I know all of you are concerned about your penis being too small. Thats normal. In order to get an accurate estimate, the penis has to be 100% erect with a ruler pressed against your pubic bone just above your penis. If your able to bend your penis even a little bit, its not fully erect. The number could shrink by a few inches when going from erect to semi erect. All it takes is second of anxiety for that to happen to me. I thought I had a micropenis till I measured it correctly with a full erection. Studies show the average penis size is about 6-7 inches. Turns out Im average. Anyone feeling depressed about this should make sure a proper measurement is done first.

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Hey Louie we are having a little fun here but I wanted to say the OP makes a fine point when he says that a raging hard on will provide a bit more length and girth. I have said in the past that I personally believe that SPS is often intertwined with erectile dysfunction. Numerous interviews w women show that they would take a really hard smaller one over a semi soft big one any day.

Every medical text I have read states that a good erection is a product of blood flow and hormones. I'll leave to people to do their own research.

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