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Please check your blog settings: Blogs (software upgrade 2016)


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The community forum software was upgraded yesterday. Due to this, blogs that had no privacy restrictions on the previous forum software transferred as visible to everyone, including non members. We want the forum to be a safe and comfortable place for members to share and express feelings. We also want to do everything possible to respect members' privacy. I have made changes so the blogs which had no previous privacy setting are only accessible to the blog owner. This way members can come to the site and change the settings to their own level of comfort. If you saw the announcements yesterday I did not change your settings. Also, I have written a few members and informed them so they can change the settings if they wish to do so.

I recommend all members with blogs check their privacy settings and adjust them to your level of comfort. To do this, go to your blog and click 'manage blog', then 'edit' and then you can choose to leave your blog readable to everyone or only the members you choose.

I hope this information is not too confusing. Feel free to ask questions or for additional help. I apologize for the any inconvenience this has caused.

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I went in and checked your blog settings, star, and you have a list of members who can read. So your blog is only accessible to the members you have listed and it isn't accessible to non members. You can see this if you check the blog page when you are offline. 

Did you know you can add a photo to your blog cover page? I made mine cherry blossoms. :)

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No, not dumb, Star.

I'm glad I could help.

I have a similar problem with uploading photos. You aren't alone. Usually I keep trying until I find one that works. :/

There is also a place for a photo on our profiles. That's actually where I used cherry blossoms.  My blog page has columbine flowers. Lots of flowers. :)

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I added a pin to this thread as well as changing the title to hopefully get the attention of our members.

If this is the first time you are visiting our site since the software upgrade, please check your blog settings and adjust them to your level of comfort. I changed the settings on many blogs to protect the privacy of members. Due to this, blogs will only be visible to the blog owner until the blog owner changes the settings. Go to your blog and click on 'manage blog' and then 'edit blog' and you will then be able to make changes. If anyone has any questions, feel free to ask them here or pm one of us. 

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