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Does this offer hope to the truly distressed?

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interesting, but how does erect length increase?


“It gets inserted into the member via a small incision in the groin and the girth immediately increases by about 2 inches. Same with the length. If you were 3 inches flaccid and 5 inches erect, 3 goes to 5 and 5 goes to 6 on average.” After two or three years, weight from the implant will stretch the penis by an additional half-inch or so.


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This is beyond ridiculous now. Elist needs to be stopped. What he is doing is criminal! There are so many Elist victims now, that surely a blog should be set up for "victims of Dr James Elist." I know if you search for him in google Phalloboards is one of the first results (hence we've had so many issue's with his shills), but a site with a title like that would really catch the attention of anyone considering this procedure. Surely if enough of you get together the FDA have to take notice. He shouldn't have a medical license.



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In other words it's no problem for women just find another guy ha ha truly lame attempt at humor but it was 4 am here. 

Hopefully Jessie will answer but I do seem to recall this question coming up a long time ago. One guy was talking about flying to Mexico for an operation of some sort. There was a doctor on Howard Stern that offered a lengthening procedure where he cut the pubis muscle and extracted another two or three inches. The Size Genetics extender claims to have clinical data showing increases but you have to wear it many hours each day for it to work. 

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Yeah, I'm super skeptical about all of these "options." The cutting method of lengthening can make it so that your erection is not as stable, because the muscle that is cut holds the erection in place, which could have awful consequences if you're going wild the first time taking it out for a spin. This implant sounds fishy, because I don't get how it could provide any gains without providing extra skin. like an implant that only improves flaccid size seems like the dumbest thing ever. Another common thing you hear around all of the techniques or surgery is that they can inhibit your ability to sustain an erection, which again does not sound like it'd be worth any minor size gains. I think the best future solution will be a mechanical/material advancement, rather than a surgical one. Although, I guess you could just get a complete transplant, which is always an extreme option.

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