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Depression made me miss school


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Because of depression and social anxiety I decided to take a day of college. A day turned into two days and suddenly I skipped the entire week. The more I skip the harder it is to go back. Also I lied to everyone and said I was really sick. I feel awful for skipping in the first place and lying, and weak for not being able to go back. Now all the work I missed is stressing me out on top of it! I just want to curl up into a ball and stay at home forever or just die. 

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Welcome to the community.

I'm sorry you're feeling so anxious and upset. :( Do you have a family member or friend who you can confide in and who might possibly drive you to school and walk you in? I don’t know if you might find that helpful. My daughter struggles with similar anxiety and it often helps her to have some emotional support along. What has helped in the past?

I hope things feel calmer for you. Take care.

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Hello and welcome! :) 

I'm sorry you're depressed and it's getting even worse :( . I can imagine that this situation is stressing you out. However, it's still much easier to "work it out" than it would be in case you'd just decide to "do nothing" and let it become worse, more complicated. One week isn't that bad; many people are sick for a week or even more and then just somehow manage to continue their studying. Moreover, in case you're seriously depressed and need therapy, perhaps even skipping a year would be an option - it wouldn't be insurmountable either. So, I think now it's the most important to figure out what you really need and try to do your best to overcome your fears and your pessimism (so natural, as you're depressed :( ). In any case, I strongly recommend you to see a professional (counselor, psychologist, or psychiatrist, or at least your GP) as soon as possible. You might also try to go back to school and see - perhaps it won't be as bad as you imagine.

Was there something that you think caused this particular skipping of (the 1st of this week) day of college? How long have you been suffering from depression and anxiety?

I hope you'll get better soon and find the strength to go to college again on Monday and arrange an appointment with a mental health professional...

Good luck and keep posting!

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