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Friday i had one of those Bully Encounters at work.

So, I do computer support at a large corporation, right?  This guy comes to my department and asks for help with how slow his computer is (a common problem, and our department has a software patch that fixes it).

The guy wasn’t the problem; it was his co-worker who came with him.
Crewcut blond head on top of a walrus body, would’ve looked perfect in either a Nazi Stormtrooper Brownshirt or a redneck sheriff’s deputy uniform.  And thought he knew my job better than me; blowing his horn all about how i’d better do what he thinks i should do because [Ignorant Bullshit Computer Jargon Word #1] and he knows all about [Ignorant Bullshit Pseudotechnical Catchphrase #4].  If you know so much about computers, Asswipe, how come you didn’t fix this yourself?  It was all i could do to just focus on the guy with the problem, and be polite to him and listen to what he had to say while his shithead colleague goes on about how “yeah, that’s because when Microsoft was making Windows, they [Ignorant Meaningless Bullshit #2].”  I got the whole transaction done quick, so i could put an end to the whole meeting.

FUCK you, asshole.

This is why i worry about my ability to not get fired.  Entitled domineering assholes like this guy make me SO ANGRY.  These guys (and, for that matter, their female counterparts; yeah, i mean you, Ariana Grande) cause my mind to flash back in a major way, to the kind of small-town bigmouths who bullied me in high school.

I don’t want to get fired; i don’t want to say something that’ll get me fired.  I just don’t know if i have enough self-control to make it through a dozen of these confrontations, much less 13 years of them.

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Sorry to hear about this episode TooOld. No one should have to listen to that at work. Sounds like the place does not have adequate controls. I know where I work I could never bring a friend along, much less one that mouths off, when I meet w desktop support.  Aside from the occasional flare up, I hope the job is going well. 

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