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Depression because of height

Hasan Hasnaeen Ahmed

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Hello, I am 24 years old and I am 5 foot 6.7inches tall which makes me pretty short and I am very depressed because of that. I can't focus on anything regardless of it being important or not. Till date I was optimistic because I thought I was 5 7 and a half. But now as I have measured my height accurately I realized that I'm shorter than I thought I was. I don't know how to accept this truth. I don't care what people think about me. I believe self satisfaction is the greatest satisfaction. In the future I might be a millionaire or I might not be but throughout my life I find it very hard to accept that I have to live with this height in a society where out of 100 men, 88 are taller than me. 

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Sorry to hear man. I've never really cared much about my height. I don't know how tall I am (I've never measured, I don't see the point. what do you do with that fact anyway?) but I know I've never been the tall or tallest guy in any situation. In most situations where I find myself around guys I'm usually the shortest guy there or I might be taller than one other guy there. Doesn't bother me much but I do understand the frustration of wanting something that cannot be achieved. Wanting to fix something that cannot be fixed.

I don't have any words of encouragement. I am sorry you are dealing with this.

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Welcome to the community, Hasan.

I'm sorry this is upsetting you so much. I hope it helps to express your feelings here.

Do you know why your height is important to your self satisfaction? What do you think might help you to accept yourself?

My son is about the same age and height as you.

Take care.

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Hello, Hasan, welcome! :) 

I agree with IJ and I think she posed good questions. I'd like to add: Has your hight caused any problems to you? Did you feel rejected or ridiculed supposedly because of this? Would you gain any advantage by being higher?

I also wonder if your hight might be just a kind of substitute for another problem; that you're in fact unconsciously dissatisfied about something different about yourself but it would be for some reason too painful to be conscious, so your mind secretly "transferred" the dissatisfaction to some external trait which may seem logical to blame, as "most other men are visibly different" in this regard.

Just my thoughts; sorry if you find them useless :o:(  ...

In any case; is there a possibility for you to get some counselling to deal with the depression?

Good luck!


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Hi again,

Two even more important questions occurred to me:

- How do you feel about those over 20 % of men who are, as you say, shorter than you? (Do you despise them? Do you feel / think they're somehow "less worthy"?)

- Has there been a short man in your life (perhaps in childhood; a teacher or a relative, a family friend, ...) who was somehow mean to you, caused you (or somebody close to you) some harm, or whom you, for some other reasons, hated or didn't like?

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