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I really need help now!


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To make a long story short:
A week ago in my Sociology class we were talking about morality, and this religious fanatic said that morality can't occur without religion.  I dissented from this view point and said that I get my morality from science and that I don't believe in a god.  The next class after that he gave me an angry look, and now I'm so afraid for myself, I'm so worried  that he's going to try to hurt me or worse, and I am so just afraid for just expressing my viewpoint...can somebody please help me?

I have Schizoaffective disorder, so please don't judge me, I just need help...
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Biollante, I'm sorry you are feeling such distress. :(  

Are you able to maintain some distance from this person? If your classmate threatens you in any way, I would recommend reporting it.

I hope that, aside from this recent event, school is going well. I hope things feel calmer for you soon. Take care.

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