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ive been meaning to post for a long time with a little update for those who were around when I posted frequently (last year some time).

As some of you may of known I was deeply depressed by my size (amongst other stuff but mainly that) and since I stopped posting I ended up losing 40lbs in two months due to the state I got myself in with not eating and being upset. 


Thats when I sort of decided who cares. I didn't want to sit there obsessed by my size and wishing my life away over something which was never going to change. I decided to engage in a relationship with a long term friend I've mentioned on here and things have been going well since. Yes I still get conscious about it all and there are times during sex I wish I was bigger but on the whole I can't complain. 


the whole point of this is to plead with those who have given up hope that things can get better. I was in the worst state imaginable over my size but with a little self belief you can start to battle your thinking towards it and possibly see things from a different outlook. 

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I do remember you Darren. Glad to hear the good news. Hope things stay good but if they ever back slide remember you are still you and tomorrow is another day. 

My point here is not to make anyone wrong or be "positive" but just to share what helps me and perhaps point to some possibility for people. 

Best wishes for you Darren. And for everyone. 

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