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>>A New York nurse who took pictures of an unconscious patient’s penis turned in her nursing license according to the New York State Education Department.

The New York Education Department accepted Kristen Johnson's request to surrender her license, according to a March 17 statement.

Johnson "did not contest the charge of moral unfitness in the practice," the education department said.<<




This..THIS is why I've been so mistrusting of health care in general and female doctors and nurses in particular. I've went off here before on medical workers.


Some of you might remember a couple years ago when my wife and I got into it because of her best friend going to work for my doctor. I'd been seeing him for many years, but I switched doctors and started going to a different doc after her (well, she's really a family friend) after the friend started seeing patients and helping out in the exam room.


I don't worry about a lot of things, but being undressed in front of female medical workers is one of my few phobias. And this story is one of the reasons.

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58 minutes ago, Klingcorn said:

Wonder if he was large or small? The article didn't say. Probably hung since she took the risk of taking a photo and keeping it on her phone. 

Did you hear about this one: https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/anesthesiologist-trashes-sedated-patient-jury-orders-her-to-pay-500000/2015/06/23/cae05c00-18f3-11e5-ab92-c75ae6ab94b5_story.html

She certainly looks like a typical nurse - all lips, blonde hair, blue eyes and no brains. Wonder how many patients/doctors she's fucked in the last 2 years? 


1 hour ago, retr0john said:

I figure she'll have her license back inside of 6 months with the nurses shortage and all. This abuser will be right back to where she can take advantage again.

this is appalling. such people should not only be permanently blacklisted in the medical/care industries, but imprisoned as well.

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1 hour ago, Klingcorn said:

Of course because she's a woman and attractive. Imagine if a male surgeon had taken a picture of a young, attractive female patient's breasts. Total media crucifixion. 

That thought had occoured to me too. As it is, she skates with her charges reduced. A male would have lost his license and had jail time.

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