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I'm worried about my little brother.


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My dad told me that earlier today my brother has been having some... issues. He was crying for the past three days and saying that he was going to die. I didn't know about it until today because I had been at my mom's apartment for those three days. I don't understand why he's acting like this, but I have a few thoughts. I've done intense research on mental health after figuring out about my disorders, and I learned quite a bit. First off, I noticed that my brother has extremely large bags under his eyes, which are a dark red color for some reason. He might have recurring nightmares, but my brother didn't say anything about it. He may be experiencing flashbacks or suffering from PTSD, as he has gone through traumatic moments in his life, which I would rather not get into, and it doesn't help at all that he's only eight. I'm worried about him, so I was wanting to see what others think. Thank you.

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Welcome to the community.

Your little brother is only 8 years old? I'm so sorry that he is distressed. :( It's very difficult when a loved one is struggling, let alone a child. :-( Will your brother talk and share with you or your father? Did something happen to him recently? Does he see a counselor? It may even be difficult for him to fully understand his emotions at this tender age. Also, if you see physical symptoms such as bags under his eyes, it might be a good idea for him to see your family physician. Maybe the doctor will have some suggestions?

It's good that your brother has a caring sister who looks out for him. I would imagine that your presence in his life could help him to feel secure and grounded. I hope your family is able to find what you need to help your little brother. I hope he feels better.

Take care.

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Hello and welcome! :) 

I can only second what IJ has written. But I also have some more questions for you:

Are your parents (or one of them) supportive? Do they also worry about his health, do they plan to go to a physician with him? Or are you the only one in the family who's taking it seriously? I'm worried that perhaps it's just up to you to get help for him... Is it the case? How old are you?

And how are you doing? As your brother has experienced traumatic moments, it very probably means you have, too. (Even a divorce of one's parents is always more of less traumatic...) How are you coping?

Please, let us know how it's going, what is the situation, ... I hope we'll be able to provide some support and even guidance...

Take care!

BTW, you and/or your parents might find this insightful (mainly if they have a tendency to neglect his needs and underestimate his problems):


(More info here: http://www.cbc.ca/radio/ideas/all-in-the-family-part-1-1.3523111)

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