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The things that I have to live with :(


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First of all I want to mention that I'm writing this post because I need to blow off some steam and because, sadly, I don't have anyone else I can share this with.

So, as I have said in a couple of posts, I have a 4 inch erect penis and I'm a virgin at the age of 22 (never even kissed a girl :( and I feel quite worthless).

But that is not all.. due to my lack of motivation I failed my senior year in college and I have to repeat it. Also I have to find a job and work at least 5 months to gather enough money to be able to succesfully complete my studies.

Some of you might think that finding a job is not that hard.. well, for me it is.. and the main reason for that is because I stutter. You don't know how lucky you are for being able to express your thoughts and feelings through words.

And on top of that I'm now overweight and I feel like crap every day.

Conclusion:  I'm a lonely, fat stutterer with no money :|

Life sucks!

Thanks for listening to my depressing story. I hope you're doing better than me :) .

Also, if this is the wrong thread for this kind of post I'm sorry in advance.




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I hesitate to give you advice Dan because you sound like a thoughtful guy who has considered the situation.  Let me just say this: I am a lot older than you and the secret to dealing with life's problems is this: move forward. Be in action. Let go of the past and of things you can't control and instead focus on what you CAN do. 

Regardless of anything, I wish you well in your quest for a better day. 

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