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Despite my recent misshap (freaking out about public speaking) I've generally been doing well. I'm focusing more on my strong points and that seems to have helped a great deal. I mean sure I still think about myou short comings quiet a few times in a day but it's not as bad as it used to be . I'm exploring my creative side creating music. Soon I'll be making a purchase of a DSLR camera as I want to take photography up too but first, I will be getting my dirty hands on a brand new PC and building my production studio.


I've met with a professional dj too who seems to like what I've done so far, though I think my music has a looooong way to go still.  Ive heard his latest work and he makes quality music. Certainly can't wait till I'm on the same level, but right now I'll just enjoy the journey. 


 I think I'm beginning to experience a little joy now whereas before it was just a constant battle every freaking day. Still don't have a girlfriend but I'm OK with that. I'm learning to enjoy my flawed self and working towards being the best me I can be.

Thanks for reading. Take care.

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9 hours ago, tcnewexp said:

Great to hear you are doing better and love that you are pursuing something you seem to really enjoy. Awesome update!

Tcnewexp. Making my own music is the only thing that has kept me sane. I never persued it because my family wanted me to something theyou could brag about, like ano accountant or something. Needless to say I failed at everything I tried to please them with so now it's time do what I've always wanted to do. What I've always loved. It's the one thing I never quit even when times were tough. 

By the way thanks for your suggestions on my other posts. I'm still going to need them because my public speaking days are not over yet.

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9 hours ago, IrmaJean said:

This is all wonderful news, TBD!  Hooray for joy. :)

I wish you well with your music and photography can be fun too. I hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes.

Thank you so much IrmaJean. You have been really awesome to me on here and many others. Ive read many of your posts and you are always thoughtful and helpful in your comments. I appreciate your efforts to assist. I hope life continues to be good to you.

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20 hours ago, Klingsor said:

Glad you're doing better, TBD. Good to hear something pleasant for a change. Hope things can stay in that groove for you. Take care. 

Kingsor, guy I'm very happy to hear from you. You welcomed me when I first got here and I appreciate that very much. I sincerely hope life is good to you. ?

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