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I can't stop eating


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I have been bingeing for three days and can't stop. It hurts. I keep trying to ground myself but am failing. I tried to reach out to people but nobody has replied. I don't know what to do. I have never wished so badly that there was a clinic where I could go in and lock myself away for three days of fasting or something....

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Welcome to the community. I'm sorry you're struggling. :(

Would it be possible to lock your food away for a time until you feel more grounded? Or maybe go somewhere where none is available?

Did something happen that distressed you? What has helped in the past? Maybe get outside and take a vigorous walk or sit in a quiet place? Or close your eyes and take a few deep breaths?

I'm not sure what might help. I hope you feel better. Wishing you serenity.

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Hello, Lala, welcome ;)  !

I'm sorry you're in this state of compulsions and can't find an appropriate support :( . I know how difficult it can be...

Have you tried to find a place where a local support group of overeaters anonymous meets? https://oa.org/find-a-meeting/  (They also offer online support.)

It seems you're living alone. Don't you have somebody, even a distant family member or a colleague, who would agree to invite you for some days to live with her/him? I presume there are also other ways how to stop such "outburst" of binge-eating , but I'm sure having always somebody close to you would be the best. I imagine it feels awkward to beg somebody for such help, but... people can surprise us by their positive reactions in some difficult situations, so... you could give it a try.

I've been researching binge-eating disorder myself because I've been struggling with over-eating (not "too serious" in my case, but still "quite ugly").

Here are some of the websites about to this problem that I would recommend:



and one of the forums dedicated to eating disorders: http://webiteback.com/blog/  

I'm looking forward to your next posts.

Good luck!


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sorry to hear about this Lala. i know i can't fully understand what it's like to be going through this for you, but be strong. you possess the willpower to say no to anything. it seems to me like when people let themselves do something they don't want to do or believe isn't right that they lose a bit of respect for themselves, and that it becomes easier to falter the next time because of that. respect yourself and your health. it won't be easy to say no to cravings or to binge eating, especially if it's a response to deal with some there problem you might be having, but know that you can. you have the willpower to do it and i know you can say no.

to make things easier i would suggest eating before you go grocery shopping and only buying healthy foods. snack often in the say on things like bananas, apples, raw nuts, greek yogurt, carrots, peas, etc. so that when you do make your meals you aren't diving into whatever is easy or what you crave. try to plan ahead a bit and have healthy snacks in between meals. i guarantee you will physically feel better if you eat better as well as emotionally too. it takes a lot of willpower for sure, but i know that you can succeed in this. and if you mess up once in a while it's ok, just make sure you jump right back on healthy eating.

and on that note, i would recommend exercising too if you don't already. it can literally make your life better and longer, and once you get into it, it becomes something you can actually look forward to.

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On June 18, 2016 at 1:27 AM, mts said:

Also Gregory Bateson's Ecology of Mind compares the higher power to systems theory, in the chapter "Cybernetics of the self". It's actually about AA but a lot of it is about addiction generally.

Thanks for mentioning it! I still haven't read the book :o , just a small part, so... this is a good reminder and motivation for me :) .


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