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So I posed a question to the women on a dating site forum

Which of these would be the most disappointing?

So you meet a guy who is past the age of 40 and you find out he has a surprise for you. Which one would be the most disappointing of these three.

Small penis

Erectile dysfunction

Complete lack of experience


Here are the replies I got.

1. A very small penis. At least, there are medications that could help with erectile dysfunction and a man can gain some experience over time and improve the quality of sex we are having.

2. I have personal experience with men in each of the 3 options and, for me personally, the most difficult to deal with the first - a very small penis. Like not much bigger than my middle finger.

3. Very small penis. Like a teeny one. Regular small ones are fine. I mean you have to be a god orally to make up for it. Plus a lot of those guys have issues. Like inferior complex ones. At least a dead d*ck can be something medical. You can lead a guy on when he lacks experience. Plus it's cute sometimes. Although other times it can be maad awkward.

4. Based on conversations I had past sex partners, a small penis would be the biggest disappointment. ED would be second and lack of experience third. In particular when a woman is primarily looking for casual / FWB relationship. Unlike the other problems, a small penis can't be possibly changed with some medical treatment or more practice.

5. Small penis. You can take meds for ED...and it'd be fun to help a guy gain experience

6. Complete lack of experience, I don't want to train someone. Small penis & ED can be worked around, but a virgin in my age group, no thanks.]

7. I have to say all 3............

8. NONE of these. The least amount of time together, is spent in sexual activity.

9. At this point in my life, I'd much rather have a small penis than ED. 5 - 10 years from now? ED issues would be expected as the norm.

10. i'd choose ED of the three, like babe said.

11. All of them would be difficult to deal with, but not a deal breaker. There are pills for ED, for the right man, I would be willing to teach them and if he had a small penis, as long as he was good at oral, we could manage. For the MOST disappointing surprise, I'll go with door #4- When a man I thought was a good man turns out to be anything but good.
Yup, THAT is disappointing!

12. All 3. All 3. All 4 if he figures it is going to be a " surprise" Surprises come in pretty wrapped packages. Pun intended

13. What a weird scenario. You meet a guy (older than 40) and what? he tells you he has a 'surprise' for you? And then 'reveals' (heaven forbid) his limp small penis, and tells you he has no idea what to do with it??  EEEYEWW   Back out of the room slowly, talk in soft tones, then run for your life<   Shudder~


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2 hours ago, TinyBlackDick said:

Well...to a certain degree, I suffer from all three so not good.

Me too. I was afraid to admit that to them though. As far as the lack of experience goes it will depend on your age. If you are say 25 or younger then it shouldn't be too much of a problem. The older you get the worse it gets. I used 40 years old in the question because I wanted to see how the older women felt.

Not looking good for me. I'm about ready to pull the plug anyway so I guess it doesn't matter. I just wanted to see if my fears were warranted.

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On Tuesday, May 31, 2016 at 9:11 PM, lifelongvirgin said:


Not looking good for me. I'm about ready to pull the plug anyway so I guess it doesn't matter. I just wanted to see if my fears were warranted.

If it weren't for certain beliefs and events, I probably would have pulled the plug myself.?

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The world is what it is. You can even see it in little kids: anyone different or out of the norm is shunned or beaten.  Society values certain things and disregards the rest.  Human beings have a certain nature, just like lions or wolves, and no amount of rational arguments is going to change it. Not one bit.  

The only thing a man can change is how he responds, how he approaches this world, if he really wants to. Humans have that capacity in my view. I respect views to the contrary. Just calling it the way I see it.  I wish there was an easy answer, I would share it. Suffering of all variety is a big part of life for us mammals on this earth.  Being sexually rejected is one of them. It sure is. 


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