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Erectile dysfunction causing Wife fantasy

tim r56

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I am a 52 and experiencing ED.  This has  increased my desire to watch my wife with an other man...

Why and it this ok? I do not know.  But it is real.  I think about it daily.... however I found myself a patch.

I have read that other men, have had such dreams/fantasies... however, they do not mention having had erection issues... These men did have similar conflicts and worries about the obvious merital issues that may arise........ but I feel it is almost an OCD issue with me.   So, to prevent my self from opening Pandora's box,.... I did is try using dildos to satisfy my thoughts... it was working, however, there is more to the fantasy that a toy will not "settle."  long story short,  using a much more realistic product helped...It's a device that is place over the genitals, a sleeve.  there are few manufactures.. ( I looked at all of them).. I  purchased a custom one from RXSleeve that  does work for me mentally.  I say Mentally, because the visual sight of  seeing my wife pleasured by this well endowed man... (here being me) was satisfying. My wife finds great physical pleasure from in the Sleeve called Monterey...

I feel, do not have the need to actually have another man with my spouse now... Are there others out there like me?.

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Welcome to the community, Tim.

I'm wondering, have you seen a doctor about your ED, to rule out a potential physical cause? Have you struggled with intrusive thoughts before concerning different subject matter? Is there anything else happening in your life that these thoughts might be distracting you from? How is communication between you and your wife? 

Wishing you well.


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Hey Tim,  Cuckold is not a new thing for sure.  I am not one of those that need that kind of fantasy, but there are lots of guys who, either for their own reason or for their wife's reason, will engage in having a well endowed, stud or bull, show up and have some fun.  I myself think it's a healthy thing to engage in good sex even if it's involving another as long as all three consent.  Of course, protection and understanding is required.  Like you, I have ED due to type II diabetes.  I highly recommend checking your blood sugars if there is no other obvious reason for the ED itself.  I found out the hard (no pun intended) way and it may be too late to reverse.  You know, your ED might have opened a new chapter in your life.  Something that was at the back of your mind, but ED brought it out.  Just finding a silver lining in the ED case.  But you really should have it medically checked out.  Cheers.

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Hey Tim - I think a lot of men out there, small or not, ED or not, fantasize about seeing their wives with other men, myself included. It's perfectly normal. I go through phases on this one.  I don't know about the whole cuckold thing though. DO NOT let your fantasy give in to real life. It may cause issues in the marriage.

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