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I'm sorry, Thomas, that I haven't replied sooner :o ...

It's sad that people around you treat you so unfairly :( ... Do you feel like sharing what happened? (You don't have to, of course; but perhaps it could help "to vent" a bit here.)

How are you coping? Have you some support; some help from family, friends and/or professionals?

Is there somebody who helps you to put things that happen to you in another, useful perspective? (Perhaps we could, if you describe some situations that made you feel so refused by society (?).) I think that besides careful listening, this can be very important to get when one's depressed, because depression makes us see everything "in dark colors only" and exaggerate the magnitude/importance of unpleasant, unfair, sad, ... things that happen to us. I know the feelings are real and "denying" them wouldn't be helpful at all, but trying to see them more as a symptom of depression then as an adequate reaction to "the unbearable world / life" could be, at least in some cases, a way to getting better. I cannot know if this would be your case, but we could find out if you feel like writing more about yourself :) .

Good luck, take care and keep posting!


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Isn't there a possibility to defend yourself by the fact that you're suffering from a mental illness? Perhaps that was "the underlying reason" why you did those things and perhaps it could be understood, mainly if you "show" to your employer that you're well medically treated so you suppose to "get / do better". Are you indeed in some kind of treatment? Could you get more - like if you're only take meds, could you see a therapist for some time to learn to deal better with life and with your inner harsh voices? I suppose you might think, due to depression, you don't deserve help, compassion, forgiveness, ... but you do. When you only let yourself to be punished by others and you even punish yourself by your self-blaming and by refusing help, it can really go worse - I understand that you're scared :( ... But I believe you still have some possibilities to do something "to prevent the worse", although it's probably hard to actually do it - to initiate the change for better...

What do you think?

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Did someone talk to you like that in the past, Thomas? Sometimes we develop an inner critic too that can be very harsh. :( Do you also have an inner voice that encourages you and takes care of you? How might you take care of a friend who felt the same as you do? How would you talk to him/her?

I'm not sure what might be happening at work, but is it something you might be able to prevent or are you not feeling confident? Is it possible that you're judging yourself harshly?


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