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Virgin with std


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I'm a 23 year old male and about 2 years ago I was diagnosed with anal warts. I started noticing them when I was about 18 and by the time I got to 19 20 21, they were almost all around my anus. The sad, confusing and frustrating part is that I'm still a freaking virgin!! I have never had any type of sexual contact before I contracted this virus. No anal, vaginal or oral sex, NOTHING! The ONLY logical explanation I have to explain how I got it was the fact that I use to finger myself when I was 17-18 in the shower. Yeah, I know, that might sound gross to a lot of people, but it's the truth. Guys have a sensitive spot in and around the anus that feels really good if you rub it the right way. I'm ASSUMING I probably had some type of wart in my finger and through rubbing my anus I probably transferred it that way. That really HAS to be the explanation! I don't understand. I don't deserve this. I've always heard masterbation was the safest way to experience sexual pleasure. I didn't think I was doing anything wrong. That worst part was when my dermatologist looked at me and said "this is an std, so make sure to be responsible and tell any sexual partners because you can spread it." She then told me that the virus stays with u forever and that I can even transfer it even when I don't have a visible wart. My stomach dropped and I was in shock. I didn't even mention to her that I've NEVER had any form of sex mainly because I felt like she wouldn't believe me. I felt like she would have probably thought I was some closeted gay guy that didn't wanna confess to having anal sex. Plus the fact that I was 21 at the time kind of made it a little embarrassing to admit that I was still a virgin.

It just frustrates me. I CHOSE to remain abstinent my whole life for this reason alone. You hear about all these crazy sex related diseases and you think to your self "I'm gonna be extra careful so I won't contract any of that". As a virgin, I am suppose to be able to tell my potential partner that I am completely free of any stds and that they can trust me. I am gay and would most likely be the bottom if I would to ever engage in a sexual activity with someone I liked. But now I don't think I can. I wouldn't want to put anybody at risk for contracting "hpv" or whatever it's called. I had no idea a common wart in your hand could even transfer into genital warts. I don't even remember ever seeing a wart on my finger in my entire life! !

I had them frozen off 2 years ago and so far I don't think any have returned.  But idk, sometimes I have extremely itchy spots around my anus that bleeds every now and then so iam guessing that could be tiny warts that iam just unable to see. It's just not fair. What did I do to deserve this? I've been so careful :(

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Hi Sanchez. I am no expert, but what I read states that HPV can be transmitted from mother to child at birth.  Other than sexual contact that is the only other way it can happen. You can't get it from a toilet because the virus can't live outside the body.  That's what a quick Google search tells me.

Really sorry to to hear you are suffering like this. You did nothing to deserve it and have been very responsible about not passing it to others.  

I encourage you to seek better medical treatment to see if there isn't some way to rid yourself of the virus.  



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