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Size queens, how to detect and evade them!!

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I was saying on another thread, you really don't want to be the guy who brought a knife to a gun fight do you?!

So how to avoid women who like them REALLY HUGH MUNGUS SIZED??

1. Be careful if they are very tall or (how to say?) big boned!! I don't mean weight so much, but just like with a big body frame!

2. Be very careful if they have had children!!

3. Watch out for hints maybe?

4. Ask?? (last resort!!)

Any other ideas??

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1 hour ago, mts said:

Screw asking, women should obliged to provide vagina measurements, if that's what society expects of us.

It's the way online dating is going if you ask me. At hook up sites and sites for friends with benefits etcetera people often say exactly what they are after!!

Some say they want king sized others say size doesn't matter (= they don't want bigger than average) It makes life easier for everyone when you think about it.

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