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What's Good About You?


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Just a quick one to ask the question: What's good about you? Although we've all convinced ourselves at times that we're defined by our cocks, we know in our heart we're much more than that. So, what are you all good at? Skills, accomplishments, goals for the future? 










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Ok, I'll start. I recently played a long anticipated gig with my band and it went well. I'd rather not go in to details but it was something we worked towards for a long time and we all enjoyed the experience. I'm playing the guitar again, which is nice and I'm writing new spiritual songs (opposite of what my band plays) and they're flowing very smoothly. I was looking to do some stand up this month so I've just been trying to get my material boiled down to a good 5 minute set. I'd love to start working again, but as it stands it's not very likely for the time being as I've committed myself to some voluntary work. That's my shit, anyone joining in?

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1 hour ago, TinyBlackDick said:

You're a musician? That's freaking awesome man. I love the sound of the guitar but I don't know how to play. I'm planning on purchasing one and learning. I also wanted to volunteer but for whatever reason (laziness) I haven't gotten to it.

Volunteering is overrated lol. I enjoy it, but I sometimes wonder if it keeps me from a real job. We are where we are for reason I guess. You should get a guitar though, without a doubt. I bought a cheap electric one 2 years back and have been slowly learning the ropes. Last Christmas I bought an acoustic for my son, but I use it more than he does ha. I'm at that level now where I can learn my favourite songs and play them to a mediocre standard, which is pretty frickin cool tbh. It's good stress relief too, for me, not the neighbours :image::D

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On 6. September 2016 at 10:18 AM, YeshuandMe said:

Just a quick one to ask the question: What's good about you?


So I aint into yoga. I can hold the booze (cocktails and the French stuff) Plus I don't mind getting caught in the rain. lol

Sex?? Yeah well I got some stud stamina man!!

Seriously, I think you could say that. When I get going I'm like a fuckin freight train!! Not the longest one in the yard, but powerful and fast all the same!!!

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