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7 inch penis with 6 inch girth


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Maybe this worry resurfaces for you when you are feeling distressed? That happens to me sometimes (I can feel insecure when I'm under stress).

Are you able to talk with your wife and share openly? Is she supportive? If there have been some struggles within your relationship, have you considered going to couple's counseling?

I hope things improve within your marriage. I also hope you feel accepting and okay with yourself and your body. Take care.

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Coma, I would like to tell you from experience that you are more then enough. The Cosmo magazine did a survey on preference of length vs girth and girth won and you substantial amount. I've also been with someone who was only 2 inches in length and was pleasantly surprised to orgasm rather quickly because he was still able to hit the right spots. I'm not lying when I say that it really does not matter the size of the boat, but the motion in the ocean. Besides you're above average ?

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