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Hey, everyone.

My real name is Mike but online I prefer the pseudonym "Adam Jensen." I just joined this site. I'm Canadian, Caucasian, male, eighteen, heterosexual and agnostic. I have ADHD, a learning disability, social and generalized anxiety and depression. I also have an IQ of ninety-five and my MBTI type is INFP.

Ever since I was in my preteens I have wondered what the purpose of life was. I never found a satisfactory answer though. But now more than ever I feel as if I have no purpose.

I can't get a Ph.D in one of the subjects that I like. Which are Psychology, Sociology and Biology. I lack the capability to understand the intricate, abstract concepts.

I’ve also never had a significant other before. I don't know if it's because I'm socially inept, introverted, boring, unattractive or all of the above. Anyway, I feel as if I'll be alone forever.

Lastly, I just feel like my life is devoid of meaning and happiness is unattainable.

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