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I want to die


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I desperately wished i had the courage to kill myself. US elections fucked us all over, and I desperately wish that I was dead, so much. I feel like crying. My objective side realizes that there are things there to prevent Trump from completely fucking everything over, and that us had awful presidents and that he can not erase EVERYTHING that good people had worked for, but alas I still desperately wish to die oh my god.

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Hi, Tina,

I know this won't sound soothing at all, but Trump's election probably doesn't change as much as you fear because the world has been pretty "f-ed up" even before; he's just one of the many symbols and symptoms. I'm not cynical about politics, but I'm trying to gain several different perspectives. For instance; if he hadn't won, it would be also dangerous and scary - he wouldn't accept the results and riots and who knows what would happen. But also; despite everything, from many points of view, we've been living in one of the best times of history. I know it seems it's ending now; I've also been having that feeling "every now and then". But... you know; there's always been something to be frightened about, even during our lives. And yes, I was frightened, too, mainly at you age (and younger). Life is scary; is it a reason to kill oneself? BTW; Trump isn't worth the importance to be a cause of your (or someone else's) death! I'm sorry I don't have much to say and... I would prefer to give some more convincing arguments, but... I'm also still processing the situation myself...

Take care! And... try to focus on your study ;) , even though it seems insignificant to you in this context. Yes, thanks to big world events, you can put your personal problems into perspective, but not to conclude that suicide is the only option, just to decide to focus on your private life and achievements, but without all the stress due to your fear that "you're not good enough, so you won't succeed". 


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