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I'm at a loss to describe what's going on with me at this point. I've always felt that my hallucinations were schizophrenic ones, but maybe they're manifestations of my emotional dysfunction. I can't say what, really, but honestly I feel that this is going to start bringing me to the brink.

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Well, at this stage, maybe the cause of hallucinations isn't the most important thing.  After all, labeling it just gives it a name instead of explaining your own particular uniqueness.

You could just describe it, instead.  What do you see, feel, hear?  What "this" is bringing you closer to what "brink"?

If you mean suicide, you can see from the posts since yesterday that you're not alone in that thought.  In fact, maybe we're all oddities, even the normal-looking ones.

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Well, I tend to have 2  types of hallucinations. Normally, I have flashes of my entire reality change: suddenly ,  trees are burning, everything's red tinted, I hear screaming (loud enough to where I can barely hear people), and see people's faces and bodies rotting. What's strange is that while some are in their normal clothes, others will change to wear white and have masks on. These masks are uniquely consistent to each person, usually containing strange writing or markings that I can somehow read.

The other kind Is memory or summat. The other day, 2 songs I listen to suddenly changed drastically from what I remembered, whilst listening to them! this happens with all sorts of things, from hair color to my house's shape and other things.

The brink isn't suicide; I decided that a long time ago. It's being so paranoid and unsure if things that I fall into myself and create my own reality.

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Hi Tekka. The hallucinations sound distressing. Just wondered if you are using any grounding techniques when things get a bit 'non-ordinary'? Here's a link with the very basics;


(Btw, not suggesting it's spiritual necessarily, could be many factors involved e.g. environmental, social, psychological, biological) Also have you got any outlet to express your emotions if you think they are a factor? Like talking to someone you trust or making art/music?

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