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I am 24 and school has never been my strong suit. I am trying my fourth round of college (yes, I have dropped out of 3 already) and I am scared I am going to mess this year up too.

I am fairly intelligent with a bit of quick wit in there but I sink when it comes to starting tasks, focusing on tasks, and not finishing tasks. I hate lecture halls because if one person is clicking their pen 3 aisles back its the only thing I can think about. I will stare at the prof reminding myself to pay attention, to actually listen, but then that diaglog is what ends up blocking them out anyways.

I am currently being tested for ADD and will get my results at the end of the week. The psychologist my school provided 'doesnt really do ADD' though. Which has me concerned, she specializes in learning disabilities (LD) and thats about it. She has giving me a lot of LD tests which I have flown through. Partially from the coping mechanisms I have built over the yesrs and I also dont have an LD... This testing costs 2000 bucks which is being paid for by a government grant unless I come out with no diagnosis or drop out of full time studies. If either of those happens, I have to pay the 2000 out of pocket. So the knowledge that I may have just thrown my bank account away on this has been stressful.

I suffer from depression as well. Usually, it isnt that bad of a demon but I skipped two weeks of school recently (just bouncing back now) because I couldnt leave my bed, i couldnt face my assignments, or myself. So I disappeared for a bit. The stress levels are even higher now though because I have missed assignments, tests, etc. I can feel the semester coming to an end and its making me so anxious that I cant sleep.

So, any advice for an exhausted depressive with the attention span of a puppy? Any good study tips? Surviving distracting classrooms? Balancing ADD and depression? 



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Hi, don't know if you're still around. How did your test go, did they say it was ADD? Your story has a familiar ring to it, I went through this shit too. Either it not being considered a real condition or it being chalked up to being a moron. Even years later I was basically ignored by the doctor who said "It's nothing, what do you want me to do?" I don't know, that's why I came. I'd say one of the best things is sleep, get enough of it (not too much) and lay off the coffees/RedBull as they fuck me up when I'm tired. I'm saying this whilst drinking a coffee, but I have a young baby and I'm always tired atm lol. Exercise always helped burn off some energy too, maybe a 20 minute a day thing 4 days on 3 days off. I recently stopped exercising and I definitely get worse as a result. 

Hope you're doing ok and managing well


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