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Anxious/Depressed over sexual orientation


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I have been experiencing anxiety and depression for a few years now, but now it has intensified over the last few months with me now questioning my sexuality, which is my main issue now. I just never thought I would be questioning now because for my whole 19 years on this planet, i was certain i was straight, and now everything's all muddled up, i just really need guidance right now. Anyway's, I've always had crushes on girl's growing up, every time one would touch me, i would get hard. Although one time in middle school i got a crush on my guy friend, but i didn't think too much or stress over it. I've had one girlfriend, who every time i would text or talk, or be around in real life, would get me hard. Now i have another male friend that I've known for three years, and until very recently, I've never looked at him in a sexual light, but now he makes me feel the same way I felt about my ex-girlfriend, and it's confusing the shit out of me. Also important to note is that I do watch a certain type of gay porn, straight porn has never appealed to me, and before this questioning, neither did gay porn, before my crises now, i would only watch lesbian porn. Some insight into my situation would be nice, I've never been so on edge before this.

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I know it's difficult to do right now, but just try to relax.  You are who you are, and if that happens to be straight, bi-sexual, or gay, then so be it.  Just be yourself.  Don't conform to something you're not.  Avoid labelling yourself at this time too.  Best not to lie to yourself.  

You're also pretty young so I imagine you might be obsessing over getting laid for the time being.  Don't forget the other areas of your life, like school, work, friends, and family.  

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