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You know I almost mentioned this on here when it happened, but I had a nightmare a couple weeks ago. I have these infrequent, occasional nightmares like only maybe once in a single year. They are memo

I have never been very handy (to say the least) so anytime I do anything I feel proud. I managed to insulate a drafty window.   Three years ago this window was so drafty that it caused a heating

I went w a friend to Parsippany NJ yesterday to a celebrity signing event.  I do it for my friend, he brings a packed suitcase full of picture books for them to sign.  Serious D listers, I have no ide

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It’s Saturday morning, having coffee, listening to sports talk radio and wasting time on this iPhone. It’s cold here but I like it, won’t be that way for too much longer so enjoy it while I can.  
Not much else to discuss, still low energy & still not able to make nor execute a plan but still hopeful. 

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It’s Friday late afternoon and we made it to the weekend! It was a long hard week. Very busy. But I survived and I’m happy to have the break called the weekend. Although it’s not completely a break because there’s plenty that needs to be done. But at least I can do it at my own pace and time frame.

All my best!  😊💚☘️

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It’s late afternoon on Sunday. Allergies hit me hard this weekend. Slept a LOT. Spoke w some friends on the phone, that was fun. Also got to watch some live music performances on FB and there are a couple more scheduled for tonight so that’s good too.  
Got my stimulus check, got an IRS refund coming, and saved a wee-bit of money by just not going out during this pandemic so that is a nice thought. 

For whatever reason since I was a small boy I have always been philosophically minded, a seeker, wanting to understand what life is about.  There have been times when I try to stop, try to not be this way, but it just is my default setting. This is been going on since the 1970s! I have come to certain conclusions but they are so hard to put into words. For myself I know this: my state of mind matters. If I choose to wander down dark tunnels then that is where I will be living. If I choose happiness, positivity, gratefulness, acceptance and love - then that is where I will be. In a lot of ways the externals don’t matter. Because the externals will always be greeted by our state of mind. And in that greeting is the power of transformation.

”When you don’t understand, you depend on reality. When you do understand, reality depends on you” - Bodhidharma 

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It’s another Friday! Boy that went fast. I hope everyone has a great day and an even greater weekend.


remember you can choose to be happy and you don’t have to justify it to anyone. Someone could be like how can you be happy you’re not physically perfect enough. And you can tell him to go jump in a lake. So I can tell that you you can’t be happy you’re not in a great relationship. And you can tell them to buzz off. Someone could tell you you can’t be happy you don’t have a good job. And you could just ignore them.

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