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I am left out and scared out of my mind


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Hey Mango sorry for your troubles. Is there anyway you could make just one friend? It doesn't have to be a real close friend at first, maybe just someone w whom you share common interests.  

Also, remember the 1st friend you need to make is yourself.  I wish for you a change in fortune.  We are here if you wanna chat.  

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Hello, MangoJem, welcome!

I second what others already wrote :) . I also hope you'll keep posting here and find some support and help. Yet, we can't give you much advise when we don't know enough about your situation. Would you write more?

For instance:  What scares you? What precisely is troubling you at school? How do you see the reasons why you don't have friends? Do you have a possibility to get professional help (from a psychologist, counsellor, or psychiatrist)? 

Take care and don't give up! Life can be very hard sometimes but it can also get much better, even if you don't believe it first...

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