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Hello, world.

My name's Kylee, I'm 22, and I'm a university student. While I'm grateful that I'm better off than a lot of people in some ways, and things could be worse, I think I've been depressed since middle school. I'm polyamorous and homosexual, having two partners whom I love very much. I'm living in a university apartment with one of my partners and two roommates that are never really around. I'm a failing art student.

I like video games, anime, art, relaxing music, rain, and unhealthy food. I'm normally a very relaxed, introverted person that has a sense of humor and loves challenges.

I do like to help people out, but I think right now, I'm not sure how capable I am of doing that. Depression and anxiety get the better of me most days, which I guess is the big reason I signed up here in the first place.

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Thanks for sharing with us!

If you know depression is a consistent issue in your well-being, then I suggest you connect with campus health services.  Generally speaking as a student you have access to a range of services at student rates.  I would suggest contacting someone there to begin work on your depression.  

You may also find that your depression and anxiety may be the result of some lifestyle choices.  If that is the case, then changing your habits can also help.

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