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I feel useless and want to die


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Hello. I am Rae and I have been feeling suicidal for years now. Recently its got quite bad. i can't find a reason to live or even get up in the mornings. i can't finish any of my schoolwork or find motivation to do anything most people find fun to do. Quite honestly I just feel like a cliche and i just want to end this. i don't feel like i can or ever will contribute to my or anyone's life. i've planned to kill myself multiple times in the past week, but each time chickened out last minute. how can i stop this. is my existence even worth it

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Welcome, Rae. I'm so sorry you're hurting. :( Yes, your life matters. You matter. Are you able to reach out to someone there with you? Do you have a therapist to call or a crisis plan? Depression can cast a darkness over everything, but things can change for the better. Sitting with you, Rae. We're here to listen if it helps to express more.

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