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I'm afraid I have HIV


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I have severe Hypochondria and anxiety and recently I've been worrying about pretty much everything with my body. In the last week I've been worrying pretty badly about having HIV (I'm 23 by the way) I haven't had unprotected sex in over 4 years but I'm worried that I may have gotten it a long time ago. During my time of messing around with boys I had about 3 boys try to stick their penis in without a condom (getting only the tip in) and me saying no after about 4 seconds, and I've given 3 guys blowjobs before. And I've had unprotected anal and vagina sex with one guy who was my boyfriend for a year (he didn't come in me or on me ever.) I'm going to set up an appointment to get tested soon but I can't stop worrying... I don't think I have or had any symptoms but I've be doing a lot of reading and gum disease occurs sometimes with people with HIV and I was just diagnosed with Periodontal disease (which is gum disease), and I guess I occasionally get yeast infections, and sometimes random vaginal itching. Recently I've also noticed that sex had been hurting for me (I've only been having sex with my boyfriend and we always use a condom) but we only have sec once like every month so maybe it hurts because I don't have sex very often. I'm just worried and I'm wondering if anyone here thinks I'm overreacting... I don't know if my anxiety is causing me to feel this worried but it's been really bothering me

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Hello, Nicholieee, welcome!

4 hours ago, Nicholieee said:

I don't know if my anxiety is causing me to feel this worried but it's been really bothering me

I presume it has been because of your anxiety, but that doesn't mean that your worries are based just on it; you did some slightly risky things and you haven't verified if you're HIV negative, so... some kind of worry seem even rational and appropriate to me (although it's very probable the intensity of yours isn't "adequate" as it's amplified by your hypochondria and anxiety disorder). Fortunately, there's a very simple solution: Get tested! There are probably several ways to do it, I believe you'll grab all your courage, choose one and get it done! Don't let this unnecessary anxiety bother you and just get rid of it by learning the truth. (I believe - and wish you very much, of course - you're negative, but in any case, knowing for sure is the best option!)

Good luck!

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