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Fear of being a pedophile


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I have this fear that I might turn out to be a pedophile, I remember when I qas around 12-13(I'm 15 know) I had Pedophilic thoughts about this little kids at the park, I didnt know it was bad, but know everytimeI see a child I get sad and feel that I might hurt them, whoch sucks because I want to have children but fear that I will do something bad, The more I think about it the more thoughts I have, but I just can't stop, I really don't want to be a pedophile and Im really afraid.

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Hello, depressed, welcome!

Have you already read about OCD related to this kind of fear? (There are several topics about this also on this website...) What you describe sound to me really as this kind of problem, not as a real risk of being a pedophile. It's serious because it can make your life miserable :( , but it's not dangerous = you're not dangerous to kids.

Sorry for such a brief replay but I don't have more time now...

Good luck!

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