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I'd recommend to all the members suffering from SPS to read this "story"; for one of the following reasons (or both):

- Some of you are sometimes angry that "women don't have an analogous problem". So what? I don't know, but some of you seem to somehow "care too much about" this and to those I'd like to show there is something very similar, just... worse. Perhaps you could at least begin to appreciate your lack of physical pain - that would be a good thing.

- I imagine women with this condition would be, in this one regard, ideal partners to men with SPS (=those who're so scared by their previous bad, ugly experiences with awful, ignorant women, those who're desperate that they "wouldn't be enough" for a woman, ...). These women (as well as others with a similar, less serious, or at least "differently caused", problem) would be willing to find such ways to be intimate with you that wouldn't cause any performance anxiety etc. to you (and any pain to them).

I know it's very hard to "find" somebody with this condition. Perhaps the two communities should think about a common dating site or something of that kind. Well, I'm not part of any of them, so I don't feel like having something to offer; sorry. It's just an idea; perhaps someone will be inspired...

In any case, I recommend you to read it and to spread the info (perhaps even to your female friends and family members).


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It's a nice sentiment, but I wouldn't suggest men with small penises seeking out women with endometriosis. It's a bit like women with big vaginas looking for men with macro penises. My friend has this condition and it's never been an issue for her. Although her pregnancy was traumatic and her actually conceiving was a deemed a miracle as she had been told by doctors she was barren. 

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7 hours ago, Victimorthecrime said:

My mother had endometriosis and it was horrible, a real nightmare.  

Yeh, it's truly a horrible condition. My friend has had more surgeries than I've had hot dinners. They're talking about a hysterectomy now too. A tough life for sure. But she has her little girl and her boyfriend who she loves the bones of, so she'll be ok. 

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